The Impossible Flight Of Bumble Bee

I’m always intrigued by how a humble bumble bee with seemingly insignificant ‘little wings’ generate enough force to keep the insect in the air? How does a miracle lizard ‘walk’ on water? How does one of the smallest lizards, pygmy gecko, stays afloat on the water? All these creatures have built-in body parts to serve a specific function in order for them to survive and thrive. In other words, they have all the potential specifically designed to be successful in life. Many successful inventors had looked into nature for inspiration, ideas, and direction. It has been shown in nature that success of life form is specifically created with all the built-in unique attributes, abilities, potentials to succeed.

The original intention of a product being used to the highest capacity is called purpose. An Ipad can be used to swat a fly but it would greatly diminish its true value and worse still, insult the creator. Every thoughtful creator would invent and build a device according to its intended purpose in mind. The potential for success is built-in into every life form or a device for the purpose to thrive or serve humanity well. You may think you are like the pygmy gecko, everything seems so big and dangerous to you, but this gecko has a unique ability to weather the storm. Rain and water cannot drown this lizard but not so with other lizards due to its unique skin ability to repel water at all times. You too have the built-in ability to weather the storm in your life. However, like a seed, it needs to develop and mature into a big tree. Your passion will point you to your vision and purpose.