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Now that you’ve identified your passion, you will want to promote your content based on what you love to share and help people. You might think that your market is too saturated and everyone is doing this and business will fail. In fact, many people have the scarcity mindset that limits their potential and always have survival in mind. People that have abundance mindset always look deeper looking for unique opportunities and untapped resources. They look at the world like a wide bottomless ocean with infinite opportunities. Knowing your niche can help you to do that.

A niche is just a group of people looking for specific goods or services to solve their specific problems. They are your most treasured audience. Your niche should be something that you like and love to share and talk about or you want to learn more about.

The principle of niche is like exploring 2-inch wide and 2 miles deep hole. Words describing your niche should be specific, concrete (has a handle) and easy to visualize. For example, people looking to improve their health is too general. A better way of describing is young people looking to lose weight. What you need to focus is to find your 2-inch wide and 2 miles deep niche and start digging and you will find your treasure. You don’t have to worry how your website will rank in google search engine. There is a way to improve your ranking.