Are you at a career crossroads, not sure which career path to take? Are you about to enter a new season of no return? Standing at a career crossroads can be stressful, fearful, and even distressing as you are uncertain of your future. The concerns of making the wrong decisions and fear of the unknown further paralyze your ability to make the right decision. The good news is you have hidden potentials that will get you out of the financial problem and fast track your dream career. But you need to temporarily forget all your problems and let me bring you on a journey to resurrect your dream career. When you have a clear picture of your future, you will not settle for less and will pay the price to access that future.

When was the last time someone said to you to follow your passion? Bear in mind following your passion for changing your career may not be the best move at this time and season. Premature quitting your current job and chasing after the dream job may put an unnecessarily heavy financial burden on you and your loved ones. Lack of skills, abilities, and experience to match required competency for such endeavor might compound the problems. No matter what season you’re in now, discovering and identifying your passion-driven work will definitely guide you with accuracy toward your dream career. Here are some exercises you can perform as a guide for gathering relevant information to better construct the picture of your future.

Loose Yourself to Dream again

Quiet down yourself and remove yourself to an isolated spot and get some fresh air. Go to places that you’re comfortable to express yourself freely without interruption. Perhaps take a full day off to a secluded, quiet place like a library, botanical gardens or beach. Prepare yourself a dream book and write or visualize picture all your thoughts and ideas in order to construct the blueprint of your future.

Revisit Your Childhood

What were the activities you did that make you smile when remembered? What were those important captured reoccurring pleasurable events? What were those strange curiosities that you love and incline to explore? Are you attracted to certain things, people or organization like an airplane, insects, animals, buildings, machines, celebrities, politicians, world health organization, scientists, books or encyclopedia? What were your childhood dreams?

Redefining Your Intention

What if money is not a factor for what you really love to do? Imagine you have $10 Billion now, how would you use your gift of wealth to change humanity and the world for better? Would you build more hospitals, orphanages, hotels or high rise buildings? Would you find a cure for cancer, stop child trafficking, restore nature, entertain people or eliminate corruption?

Awareness to Your Gut Feeling or Six Sense

Your gut feeling is like an inner voice of your future drawing you closer to your destiny. It is like all your five senses are activated to have heightened sensitivity, sense of warmth, sharp clarity of hearing or vision, feeling of goose bumps and exciting emotion. What were those moments you experience those gut feelings?

The Potential of Hobbies

What do you enjoy doing during your free time? Do you love reading, computer programming, gaming, sports, collecting stuff or arts? Pay more attention to the activities you love that bring a better change for self and others like volunteering to feed the homeless, mentoring people, and solving challenging problems or entertaining people.

Resurrecting Your Passion

Brainstorm and put together those ideas above in words and pictures. Make a list of pleasurable activities you currently enjoy or would love to do but have not been able to make it happen. What causes you to lose track of time? What are your childhood desire and dreams?  Try to generate a minimum of 10 or as many as you can. Read aloud from your heart with intention each of those sentences you’ve just crafted. Don’t worry, it might sound strange but trust me, I’ve done it and it worked so well that sometimes you will experience bouts of expressive emotional responses. Mark those sentences that gush out the energy of excitement. Rank those sentences in the order of increasing excitement and slowly narrow down your choices. It may take longer for some people but keep trying until you find your treasure. Review them always to keep your focus on the right path toward your desired dreams. This process has helped me tremendously in the last few years. Please feel free to share your stories on how you found your passion-driven work?

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