I have an idea. I desire to use my blog to help new bloggers to direct their passion and interest and unique ideas to help their visitors with fresh flowing of relevant, specifically tailored helpful content that builds long lasting mutual relationships. I started to google for information on how to blog. For those have done that, you most probably have tons of tips, how-to, mistake bloggers make, and all those bits and pieces along those lines from online gurus to corporate bloggers which many cannot be of any practical use for beginners and some require you to pay for membership for coaching lesson.

After gathering that information, I didn’t know how to apply correctly. I knew I have a lot to learn but I don’t where and how to start. Determined to learn fast, I began to ask a lot of questions to the blogging community which some are helpful but the advice given was not practical enough for me to apply. When you asked a newbie question like how to get a free website theme, how to do keyword research, where to get free photos, you get ignored or they just direct you to a source and you still have to work it out yourself. It seems like no one cares about newbie bloggers.

It is like sending a girl to a boarding school for the first time, you are forced to find your own way around and figure out everything yourself. After one month of searching, wasted money for a few domain names, paid advertisement trying to get traffic to my site, I’ve found a support system that answers most of my concerns as a newbie blogger.

A Thriving Support System

Hope arises as I stepped into a helpful thriving support system. I followed the lessons, step-by-step video and instructions on how to setup a website, find my niche, content creation, and get google ranking. Many new bloggers are too caught up with the design of a website, the colors, getting more traffic but failed to do the basic that matters. Here’s how I get the support I need…

Website Know-How

I don’t have to worry about the technicality of website building, domain name hosting, and ongoing technical support. I can follow the step-by-step videos and written instructions to learn and work on my blog with ease. I don’t have to worry about website and domain name hosting, and security. I can have all my websites hosted at the same place. Every time when I encounter difficulty, all I have to do is ask questions in live chat and someone somewhere will help me out within few minutes. I don’t feel embarrassed asking any questions as the community is very helpful and supportive. If I need a suggestion, I will ask anyone and someone with some insight will give clarity to my question.

Close-Knit Community

It feels like you’re in a Mini Facebook community full of successful or budding online entrepreneurs active 24/7. There’s always something to learn from someone. Conversations are mostly inspirational yet down to earth. Co-founders Kyle and Carson both are often found chatting and giving guidance. It’s like a happy family. The community is newbie-friendly, education-focused, business-focused, and people are committed to helping.

Education Hub

The thought going through university education for some, like me, troubles me as I don’t see myself studying for another 4 years just to get a degree and end up working for someone. What I’ve learned that WA Education shows you how you can earn while you learn and turn any passion into livelihood. The curriculum is updated regularly to be relevant; online learning is task-oriented with a checklist at the end of a lesson. People in the community are actively creating training and learning materials.

Members are encouraged to ask questions, learn, and take action immediately. Despite overwhelming lessons to follow, previous lessons can be revisited. It took me some time to learn and put together my own niche after reading some suggestions and others niche sharing. I have not ceased writing my passion since then…

No words can fully describe this friendly, education-focused, task-oriented and close-knitted community. The community is Wealthy Affiliate Community. I’m still at the beginning of my blogging journey. But my intention is very clear – to learn fast and help others to succeed through blogging their passion-driven work.

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